Sunday, August 8, 2010

Health Benefits of Peanuts

Contrary to what their name implies, peanuts are not true nuts but a member of a family of legumes related to peas, lentils, chickpeas and other beans. It is recommended to have 1/4 cup peanuts a day.

For Weight Loss
Although nuts are known to provide a variety of cardio-protective benefits, many avoid them for fear of weight gain. A prospective study published in the journal Obesity shows such fears are groundless. In fact, people who eat nuts at least twice a week are much less likely to gain weight than those who almost never eat nuts.

For your heart
Peanut is a good source of Coenzyme Q10 which protects the heart during the period of lack of oxygen example high altitudes and clogged arteries.

Peanuts contain high concentrations of antioxidant polyphenols, primarily a compound called p-coumaric acid. Roasting peanuts increases its p-coumaric acid levels, boosting it overall antioxidant content by as much as 22%. Roasted peanuts rival the antioxidant content of blackberries and strawberries, and are far richer in antioxidants than apples, carrots or beets.

For your bones
Peanut contain iron which is essential for the correct functioning of red blood cells.
Peanut is rich in calcium which helps promotes healthy bones.

For your muscles
Whole peanuts contains high amount of protein, which makes it a preferred diet of those people engaged in body-building and those people who are weak.

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nice informative post and thanks for sharing. I also heard that eating peanuts could also raise the cholestrol level very high. Is this true?

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