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Creamy Crunchy Muskmelon Smoothie

The muskmelon or cantaloupe,is the perfect fruit for people who want to lose weight because it isn't high in calories or sugar, and can work as a great snack for those in-between-mealtimes when hunger tugs you towards unhealthy food items.

Cantaloupe is one of the most common fruits often taken for granted. It is rich in Vitamin A which is required for healthy skin and fibre that prevents constipation and also commonly known to reduce body heat. However there are many additional health benefits which may not have been fully understood

Anti-coagulant:A unique compound in cantaloupe helps decrease the viscosity of the blood, hence preventing the abnormal formation of blood clots in the cardiovascular system.

Arteriosclerosis:Regularly consuming vitamin C retards the development of hardening of the arteries.

Cancer prevention:The high vitamin C content acts as a good anti-oxidant that protects cells from damages by free radicals.Regularly drinking juices high in anti-oxidants keep cancer at bay, especially against intestinal cancer and melanoma.

Cataracts:The natural vitamin A from beta-carotene in this juice lowers the risk of cataract and generally helps improve your vision too.

Cholesterol:Drinking juices high in anti-oxidant has been proven to fight the oxidative stress that is the main culprit in oxidizing the LDLs in the blood.

High blood pressure:Potassium in this rockmelon helps excrete sodium, thus bringing down high blood pressure especially in those with salt-sensitive hypertension.

Immune system:The strong content of vitamin C stimulates white cells to fight infection, naturally building a good immune system.

Insomnia:A special compound in cantaloupe relieves the nerves and calm anxieties.A help for insomniacs.

Menstruation problems:For women, drink this wonder juice around the time of menstruation and it will help reduce heavy flow and clots.

Muscle Cramps:A deficiency in potassium can cause muscular cramps and greater susceptibility to injury.Drink cantaloupe juice to prevent these.

Pregnancy:The high content of folate (folic acid) prevents neural tube defects in infants.

Quit Smoking:The natural nutrients and minerals found in this juice provides a synergistic combination that helps the body recover from nicotine withdrawal of one who is trying to quit smoking.Smoking also quickly depletes the vitamin A in a smoker, but cantaloupe juice can help replace it with its beta-carotene.

Stress:When going through a stressful period, keep this musky melon on the side and drink its juice regularly.The potassium content helps to rebalance and normalize the heartbeat. This in turn sends oxygen to the brain and regulates the body's water balance.

Water retention:Especially in pregnant women.Muskmelon juice helps your body excrete excess sodium, thus reducing water retention.

This smoothie serves 4 glasses

  • 2 cups diced musk melon
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 1 cup ice cubes
For toppings
  • 4 finely chopped almonds
  • 4 finely chopped pistachios
  • 1 tbsp chopped red cherries
Remove the skin of musk melon completely and cut into half and scrap the seed out and dice it into medium size cubes.

In a blender make a smoothie with all the above ingredients. Pour it in a serving glass and garnish with the nuts and serve immediately.

1.Grinding the ice cubes with the musk melon makes it a perfect chilled smoothie.
2. Adding nuts is optional however it gives a wonderful nutty texture to the smoothie


PT said...

thanks for sharing the facts about this fruit..

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Creamy n crunchy shake... Thanks for the info

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Loved the info and the smoothie :)

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yummy and healthy shake with healthy info...

Ramya said...

That is one of my summer favourites when we were in Chennai:-) Looks lovely

Arti said...

What I love about your site is that not only do I get introduced to mouth watering recipes but also get to learn so much. Thanks for sharing the healthy benefits info. :)

DivyaGCP said...

Delicious and refreshing smoothie..

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Refreshing and creamy smoothie..

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Akila said...

very refreshing n delicious..

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Priya said...

Feel like finishing that whole glass,yummy smoothie.

Biny Anoop said...

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Sangeetha Nambi said...

Real refreshing the cooler...

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